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Drigg Versus Pligg round 1

Posted on: December 9, 2008

Drigg Versus Pligg round 1…

Lets say round one is the initial install and config.

This Judge scores the round in favor of PLIGG by a long shot.

If you are new to content management, and don’t have hours/days/weeks to get up to speed on Drupal installing the Pligg CMS may be the right move.

It was a while back that I was using Pligg, but I recall that it only took me an hour or two to get the thing running and configured with my content categories.

Here is a Pligg installation video.

From the video it appears to have taken the user about 5 minutes to install the Pligg CMS – he had already created the Database, so add another 5 minutes for that…

Using Pligg 9.9 you will need to know:

How to Rename and Delete a few files on the server.
Create a Database, user and password

Im gonna find a video on Drupal Installation and another on Drigg for Drupal 6.6 if it exists.


1 Response to "Drigg Versus Pligg round 1"

I use both Pligg and Drigg

I use Drigg module in my vbdrupal environment which is linked to vbulletin

and then I use Pligg as a standalone

unfortunately I had to disable the registrations on Pligg due to it being a total spam magnet and that has swung things towards Drigg which can use the login system of Drupal

My 2 cents

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