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the project is to create a freelance site like http://getacoder.com

i will have a demo up soon, but for now Im just going to post screen shots πŸ™‚

the main functionality of the reverse auction is delivered by a perl script written by smarterscripts years ago… hahah

yes, i need something in PHP but for now the perl app will do.

im going to be wrapping the app in joomla i think,

joomla extensions will be key in the final project, but for now i need to focus on the perl app,

nail down the css

and make sure the navigation is solid.

if there is a stable reverse auction module for any good OS cms( drupal, joomla, or other) i would like to know, it would certainly save me some time.


about this drupal vs joomla blog

about this drupal vs joomla blog

The Mission of this Blog is to inspire conversations related to the best open source content management systems available today.
Is your Favorite CMS Drupal? or Joomla?
Or do you blog on wordpress…
Participate in the conversation here about your Favorite CMS
Im using Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Pligg, Mambo, and Moodle.
Best – Matt
My engagement with the Drigg for Drupal Theme Development Project has ended.
Im going to collect a few notes on the Drupal Theme Development project and post here later, for now I want to discuss the future of this blog.
I have an interest in keeping a presence in the Drupal Community.
But have so much more experience with Joomla and other OS content management systems that I have to go back to school just to accomplish fundamental tasks with the Drupal CMS.
As for the Drupal Theme Blog on WordPress I am going to be posting articles on Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and other Open Source Content Management Systems.
The goal of this Blog is now to support discussion and opinion of the current CMS development strategies.
So share in the conversation by commenting and I will link back to your site and continue the conversation.
To your continued success with Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress!
This is where I started….
I am going to start by putting together some notes on creating a social voting and social bookmarking website for Drupal.
Beginning with a look at the current Drupal Social Bookmarking module Drigg, I will compare the functionality of the existing Module with sites like Digg.com and the Pligg project.
Creating a few new features is important for any new Drupal Theme to be well received by the Drupal programmers community.
Thanks to WordPress.com for maintaining a great Blogging and CMS Platform.
To your continued success as a fellow Drupal Theme Developer.

You know I am a fan of Joomla, having developed sites for clients and my own use with Joomla 1.5 from the day it was released.

Now i’m developing sites with Drupal and find that 3 weeks into Drupal Development I miss Joomla.

For me the administrative and aesthetic focus of Joomla is more intuitive than Drupal.

Everything from altering your Site HTML and CSS to loading new modules, components, and plugins, is right on the same screen in the Joomla administrator panel.

Drupal vs Joomla - Joomla admin / backend

Drupal vs Joomla - Joomla admin / backend

Joomla admin inteface

I also wanted to toss in a screenshot of the New WordPress Dashboard, or administrator panel… I think they get first prize for admin panel!! between the thee big os cms. This blog is on WordPress clearly.

This drupal theme blog is about drupal theme development for the most part, I just like to rant a bit every so often…
Wordpress vs Joomla vs Drupal count me with the Joomla crowd at least for today.

I have been working with the Region Position part of this deign to create a flexible standard layout for a new drupal theme.

I think we have an innovative design piece that will be flexible for user customization.

Design Notes include:

Drop Shadows on advertising and voting buttons

Alternating List Icons

A reflected Right Region

Transparent Left and Right Advert Regions

Logos and links to successful social media sites.

There are no block titles above the fold.

Subtle references to application style navigation and operation.

Footer includes:

Prominent horizon line.

Content Shadow in footer.

Im going to update the the Drupal Design Brief at some point

In particular I enjoy creating websites with Application Style Navigation, and I hope that the final offering reflects this.

Below is an intro to the Marketing / Sales Copy πŸ™‚

The all new Leverage theme takes Drigg style and functionality to a whole new level!! and so on πŸ™‚

Happy Holidays Drupal Theme, and Other Drupal Developers Keywords Here.


Im coming from a Joomla Background, so for me to get into loading modules via FTP is new.

With Joomla all I have to do is Browse to my chosen file and press install in the Joomla Administration Panel

Score one for Joomla.

Drupal vs Joomla

I need to load the latest core version of drupal do I just FTP the files?

The Extra Forms Module is required for a successful implementation of the Drigg System and my V6.4 was to outdated. And a Day after I used Fantastico to create a “New Installation” πŸ™‚ so i will learn to run the updates, which is important anyway.

Using an automated script installer like Fantastico or Simple Scripts to load new Open Source Software is my preferred method.

Im installing the Drupal CMS on a managed server that provides C-Panel so I navigate to Fantastico, select Drupal, and press install. Fantastico creates all my databases and directories and configures the initial Drupal Installation.

This time however using Fantastico resulted in an outdated release of Drupal, v6.4 I think.

I downloaded all the Modules needed to create a Digg.com Clone with Drupal.

Drigg Module

Voting API Module

Extra Voting Forms Module

User Karma Module

Tagadelic Module


reCAPTCHA Module

If there are newer modules available please let me know in a comment.

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