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athinds.com joomla website design and photography

athinds.com joomla website design and photography

aaron hinds creates urban fashion for the residents of hells kitchen, New York. im creating a site for him using Joomla. I want to engage in discussion of Joomla vs Drupal please describe the effort needed to create a similar project in Drupal. ATHINDS.COM isnt done yet, but I will update with new images.


I have been working with the Region Position part of this deign to create a flexible standard layout for a new drupal theme.

I think we have an innovative design piece that will be flexible for user customization.

Design Notes include:

Drop Shadows on advertising and voting buttons

Alternating List Icons

A reflected Right Region

Transparent Left and Right Advert Regions

Logos and links to successful social media sites.

There are no block titles above the fold.

Subtle references to application style navigation and operation.

Footer includes:

Prominent horizon line.

Content Shadow in footer.

Im going to update the the Drupal Design Brief at some point

In particular I enjoy creating websites with Application Style Navigation, and I hope that the final offering reflects this.

Below is an intro to the Marketing / Sales Copy 🙂

The all new Leverage theme takes Drigg style and functionality to a whole new level!! and so on 🙂

Happy Holidays Drupal Theme, and Other Drupal Developers Keywords Here.


Ive been doing alot of reading lately on drupal configuration and drupal theme design.

I am surprised by the lack of standards for wireframe development.

Google search for wireframes returns a variety of results with little similarities.

At the core, a good wireframe is all about representation. Each Block should represent both a location, and specific data or functionality.

I have just started on my first drupal theme, and wanted to focus on a multi use drupal template.

picture of drupal theme wireframe design

picture of drupal theme wireframe design

I have included many layout regions for the purpose of efficient page design.

Based on previous projects I know that using a variety of region positions enables me to quickly create strong visual presentations of any data the project requires.

I have broken the Right and Left side Regions of this drupal theme wireframe into 6 distinct regions, this will allow me to apply Region Highlights to add a variety of typographic and stylistic elements to each box or region.

drupal theme design - region highlights

drupal theme design - region highlights

drupal theme design - region highlights

drupal theme design - region highlights

This is really a first draft of my drupal theming project. I want to use these specific regions to power a few sites, and hope that the above layout is a flexible wireframe.

I will post some screenshots of project pages when I get something approved by my drupal development team.

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