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and while im posting i just want to say again how much I prefer Joomla to Drupal 🙂

twitter followers and direct messages

twitter followers and direct messages


My engagement with the Drigg for Drupal Theme Development Project has ended.

I going to collect a few notes on the Drupal Theme Development project and post here later, for now I want to discuss the future of this blog.

I have an interest in keeping a presence in the Drupal Community.

But have so much more experience with Joomla and other OS content management systems that I have to go back to school just to accomplish fundamental tasks with the Drupal CMS.

As for the Drupal Theme Blog on WordPress 🙂 I am going to be posting articles on Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and other Open Source Content Management Systems.

The goal of this Blog is now to support discussion and opinion of the current CMS development strategies.

So share in the conversation by commenting and I will link back to your site and continue the conversation.

To your continued success with Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress!

this is a link to The Information Architecture Institute http://www.iainstitute.org/tools/

you will find document templates, process map posters and other tools to help you in your practice. The documents have been donated by the community, by people just like you.

Many great articles on IA, not specifically Drupal Development, but some thought provoking stuff.

You know I am a fan of Joomla, having developed sites for clients and my own use with Joomla 1.5 from the day it was released.

Now i’m developing sites with Drupal and find that 3 weeks into Drupal Development I miss Joomla.

For me the administrative and aesthetic focus of Joomla is more intuitive than Drupal.

Everything from altering your Site HTML and CSS to loading new modules, components, and plugins, is right on the same screen in the Joomla administrator panel.

Drupal vs Joomla - Joomla admin / backend

Drupal vs Joomla - Joomla admin / backend

Joomla admin inteface

I also wanted to toss in a screenshot of the New WordPress Dashboard, or administrator panel… I think they get first prize for admin panel!! between the thee big os cms. This blog is on WordPress clearly.

This drupal theme blog is about drupal theme development for the most part, I just like to rant a bit every so often…
Wordpress vs Joomla vs Drupal count me with the Joomla crowd at least for today.

I have been tasked with creating a Drupal Theme Affiliate Program for the upcoming release of the Social Voting Theme for Drupal 6.6. Part of the process is discovery so I am researching some successful affiliate programs.

I was running a google search for “Drupal Theme Affiliate” and other related terms to see who is running a drupal theme affiliate program.

It turns out that there is few to none.

I am looking at idevaffiliate.com they have more features/buttons that a 747!!!

So i am placing banners from thinkhost.com at the bottom of this post, this is what affiliate banners look like today… I will have to create something with a bit more web2.0 style.

Hey, before you go commenting about spam, at least they are green 🙂 and yes they do green drupal hosting.

ThinkHost PlansThinkHostMake $100 - web hosting affiliate programThinkHost

Drigg Versus Pligg round 1…

Lets say round one is the initial install and config.

This Judge scores the round in favor of PLIGG by a long shot.

If you are new to content management, and don’t have hours/days/weeks to get up to speed on Drupal installing the Pligg CMS may be the right move.

It was a while back that I was using Pligg, but I recall that it only took me an hour or two to get the thing running and configured with my content categories.

Here is a Pligg installation video.

From the video it appears to have taken the user about 5 minutes to install the Pligg CMS – he had already created the Database, so add another 5 minutes for that…

Using Pligg 9.9 you will need to know:

How to Rename and Delete a few files on the server.
Create a Database, user and password

Im gonna find a video on Drupal Installation and another on Drigg for Drupal 6.6 if it exists.

Two Weeks into the planning stages of a Drupal 6.6 Theme.

I have roughly 20 Screenshots of the Drupal Theme completed, these range from ecommerce to member profile requirements.

Drupal 6.6 Theme Screenshots

Drupal 6.6 Theme Screenshots

I am using Mac Keynote a very fast and flexible Presentation Software (powerpoint for mac) One issue here though is that I am unable to design the content under the fold, because the editor area is not user defined or scrollable.

I have also made use of a few online graphic generators, I usually just google something like “text image generator” and see what is available.

As I mentioned the project is on Basecamp. What Project Management Software do you use?

Ive been listening to WWOZ Radio, It is a New Orleans Public Radio Station – SOOOO Good!
oh hoho Merry Christmas Drupal.

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