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take a look at the “make” section of athinds.com

it is a beautiful joomla based website.

the navigation was inspired by the film spirited away.
athinds.com joomla vs drupal - joomla based website
there is also an ecommerce component from joomla as well. but virtue mart was not loading to the CMS, so i used a light version.

the design of the project has taken most of the time, and you will see my preference for standard bending alignments. which although quick, the IA takes some time.

and of course im not done, if you are a drupal, joomla, or fashion designer and have any comments please do…

this blog is about drupal vs joomla. its just a conversation so please participate. 🙂


Who makes the best drupal themes?

I am creating a Design Brief for a Drupal Theme and wanted to look in on the competition.

Spying on competitors in marketplaces that my clients operate is crucial to an effective development strategy.

What Drupal Themes do the competition offer?

MISSION: Find a tier-1 drupal theme – who is making the most innovative drupal sites and themes with the most built in functionality. I think themesnap.com has a good shot at being the best current theme design company. But in the Drupal vs Joomla debate, Joomla Templates beat out their Drupal counterparts.

picture of best drupal themes

picture of best drupal themes

The is a list of drupal themes here

I would really like to see a comment or two on what you think are the best Drupal Theme Companies?

Also are there any Drupal Theme Clubs?

Im coming from a Joomla Background, so for me to get into loading modules via FTP is new.

With Joomla all I have to do is Browse to my chosen file and press install in the Joomla Administration Panel

Score one for Joomla.

Drupal vs Joomla

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